Monday, June 3, 2013

[REVIEW] The EarthKeeper - Undeveloping the Future: The Extraordinary Story of an Earth Conqueror Turned Preservationist Who Uncovers Our True Nature and Reveals the Creative Power of the Universe by Adam C. Hall

Title: The EarthKeeper - Undeveloping the Future
Author: Adam C. Hall
Release Date: June 3, 2013

Book blurb: Adam C. Hall achieved the American Dream in all its glory and then woke-up to the nightmare of his own life condition.  Once a financial power broker and real-estate developer, Adam undertook a life-changing metamorphosis that would ultimately alter his mind-set from Earth Conqueror to Earth Keeper.

To come this far, Adam had to come to terms with the misery that was at the center of his very privileged and comfortable life. He endured the loss of all that he treasured most. It was only then that he was finally able to open to discover the Creative Power of the Universe that is hidden within each of us.

Review: First and foremost, this book was a life-changing one for me. It made me think in new ways and start to outline the kind of life I want to live and how I can make a difference in this world.

That said, the Kindle ARC I received had formatting and spelling issues. The chapter headings were not in bold or underlined, making it difficult to distinguish them at times. Sometimes there were upper- and lowercase letters mixed within a word. There were line breaks in the middle of sentences, and some words were misspelled.

Apart from those small errors, it was a very interesting book, with insights into both Hall’s personal transformation and many of the tools he used. Links to various organizations are listed in the back, which is preferable to the text reading like an advertisement.

Many of the techniques and tools Hall used/uses are ones I myself am now looking into – to a great extent thanks to the book. This was a very nice read.

To learn more about the EarthKeeper Alliance, go here.
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Rating: 4 bookshelves out of 5.

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