Friday, January 4, 2013

First entry

Welcome to my brand new book blog!

I'm Devin, a 30-something book geek who buys/downloads way too many books. But books are friends! Potentially smart friends who teach you stuff. *nodnod*

I learned to read at the tender age of 4½. I was in a half-body cast at the time, got easily bored, and so my parents helped me learn how to read. What an amazing world that opened up for me! Now, with not only libraries and physical book stores, but virtual ones and flea markets, not to mention free books for Kindle, my book addiction is probably worse than ever. But as I mentioned earlier, books are friends! :)

Here I will try to write about books I'm reading and have read. I hope you'll accompany me on the ride!

When I'm not reading, I write, watch movies, hang out with family and friends or spend (way too much, according to some who shall remain anonymous) time on Goodreads. Check out my profile over there, will ya?

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