Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time flies - with lots of books to be read

Time sure flies, doesn't it? It's already the end of March, and I''m recovering from a lack of reading. I've read  26 books of various length so far this year, but in the last month or so I haven't gotten much reading done at all. A lot of things related to my job and health have happened recently. This has left me drained, leaving little room for reading (and writing, for that matter). But now I'm back!

There are lots of books to be read, both in hardcover, paperback, on Kindle and in other digital formats. I recently joined LibraryThing and NetGalley, and hope to find many more books to read and review there. I'm still on Goodreads, too, looking forward to what their deal with Amazon will bring.

I'm going to write more this year, too. Edit and rewrite older manuscripts as well as start on new ones. So far this year, I have released a small collection of poetry through Kindle Direct Publishing, Words from Cecilia's Heart:

With that release, I learned a lot about editing and publishing, which is very good to know. While it would be nice to concentrate on the writing, I enjoy being involved in the other parts of publishing as well.

But now, how about we get back to reading those books that surround us, just waiting to be read?

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