Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[REVIEW] From Frazzled to Focused

From Frazzled to Focused


Rivka Caroline

This book was not what I expected.

Of course, that could be because I failed to read the under-title: "The Ultimate Guide for Moms Who Want to Reclaim Their Time, Their Sanity and Their Lives". Had I read that carefully, I would never have requested to read this at NetGalley. What can I say? I'm frazzled! ;-þ

Perhaps, but the main reason why I didn't enjoy this book was that I just can't relate to people talking about children and designer handbags.... But for the intended audience I'm sure this book can really be a useful tool in becoming more organized and focused.

I must say that I did find the parts that were not about traditional family life with traditional gender roles quite useful. I'll try to apply some of the advice into my own, frazzled life. :)

The galley (for Kindle) I read had some really annoying typographical errors which made it difficult for me to focus on the text.

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