Monday, May 13, 2013

[REVIEW] Made in China: A Story of Adoption

Title: Made in China: A Story of Adoption
Author: Vanita Oelshlager
Illustrator: Kristin Blackwood
Pages: 32
Age Range: 4-8

Blurb: Made In China touches on two seemingly unrelated subjects - adoption and sibling relations. As told in this story. These are intertwined and very important to one young child who literally was "made in China." The story begins when the child is told by her older sister, in a teasing manner, that she is adopted from China, and "marked" just like the broom and their toys. Upset, she goes to her father who tells her the story of how she came to be their child but "you're not made like a toy, you were made in China to give us joy." And, he also reminds her that "you are much more than what people say about you." The story is resolved with her older sister and she is reassured that "In all the wide world we couldn't love you more."

Review: While sibling relations might be a fairly common subject in children's books, adoption is not. The mother/daughter team Vanita Oelshlager and Kristin Blackwood have done it again - created a great book for children on a subject some would deem quite difficult. Oehlshlager's rhyming language combined with Blackwood's drawings makes for a very nice reading experience.

This book can no doubt make it easier for families touched by adoption to handle situations that may occur, as well as enable those not familiar to what it's like to be part of an adoptive family get a glimpse into life as an adopted child.

Rating: 4 bookshelves out of 5.

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